My Mother's Wound: Film Screening & Discussion

On Friday 15 September 2023, we hosted the film screening "My Mother's Wound" followed by interesting discussion.
The movie is a gripping tale of family, love and identity as Salih searches for a trail of hope amongst war-torn lives.

Set in Bosnia and Herzegovina, it tells the story of Salih, a Bosniak teenager seeking revenge against the man who raped his mother during the Bosnian War. His mentor discourages him that orphans who go looking for their families often end up disappointed. But Salih, with his exuberance and hope, still goes ahead. His quest takes him from one family to another. He is torn between the chance of love and acceptance that his ‘present’ throws at him and the need to settle scores with his ‘past’. As tension escalates disquieting secrets surface.

This film was about the war, whose horrors and trauma continue to haunt people’s lives for many years to come.

The film was followed by an engaging discussion, during which participants reflected on and exchanged ideas about the film's themes.