Refugees, the Lived Experience: An Online Conversation

In this series of 'down to earth', online conversations, researchers present findings from their research work and discuss the relevance of these findings to the life and wellbeing of refugees.

The benefit of volunteering to the health and wellbeing of refugees and those seeking asylum

Researcher Marie-Clare reflects on the crucial role that volunteering plays in helping refugees and asylum seekers integrate and feel valued

In English with Arabic translation

In this episode of the series, researcher Marie-Clare Balaam will explore some of the learning from an evaluation she carried out of the Health for Asylum Seekers and Refugees (HARP) project. This project, undertaken in the north of England, aimed at improving the physical and mental health of asylum seekers and refugees through providing a range of social support interventions.

Marie-Clare will particularly reflect on the crucial role played by volunteers who were themselves refugees or seeking asylum and the benefits of this approach to the outcomes of the project and to those who acted as volunteers themselves.

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Marie-Clare Balaam

Marie-Clare a research associate in the School of Nursing and Midwifery at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN), and a member of the maternity stream of sanctuary research network. Her research focuses on maternity care and social support for marginalised women with a particular focus on asylum seeking and refugee women’s experiences of maternity care in the UK and Europe. Her work also explores social and peer support in a wider range of health settings, including the health of refugees and asylum seekers in the UK.

Event Date: 
Wednesday, 20 September, 2023