RR provides community assistance and support to improve lives and promote aspirations of refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants, in particular but not exclusively Syrians and other Arabic speakers in the UK. RR has established an advice service that provides support with benefits, job searches, and immigration matters, thus working to improve the economic and social well-being of British Syrian residents and immigrants from other countries, helping them to become self-reliant in their new country. RR also brings the Syrian community together during these difficult times experienced in their mother country through organising social gatherings and monthly seminars that promote constructive discussions. Our activities are open to the public and are highly successful in bringing the Syrian community together with the wider community.
Recent news in Community section

Gholam: Film Screening & Discussion

On Wed 13 January 2022, RR hosted a film screening and discussion about the movie Gholam. The movie is about an Iranian exile (Gholam) in London who is haunted by his past, gets involved in the conflicts of a total stranger and has to see it through until the end, in this mesmerising slow-burn thriller.


"COVID is Still Here" Campaign

Rethink Rebuild Society successfully completed a 2-month campaign that aligns with the GMCVO campaign: “Safely Living with COVID-19”. During that campaign we posted tens of posts and materials on social media in Arabic to remind people across Greater Manchester that COVID is still here.


Charity Bazaar 4 Iqraa School

Between 9th and 11th December, RR was delighted to host a charity Bazaar in support of Iqraa School. Members from the local community in Manchester generously donated items that were sold at the bazaar.
The bazaar attracted a good turnout and was a good opportunity to reconnect and socialise with our lovely friends and visitors.


TED Talks: How Cognitive Surplus Will Change the World?

In partnership with Culture Entanglement, Rethink Rebuild Society hosted two community discussions in Arabic about TED Talks. On Sunday 28th November, Dr Nada Albunni talked about the idea behind TED Talks and how important it is for the Arab communities to get involved in this project which is a good way to learn about key issues being discussed in world nowadays.