In furtherance of its charitable objectives, RR strives to raise awareness on issues related to refugees and immigrants within the British landscape through work on policy and media. Because of our daily work with Syrian refugees, we serve as a critical source of information on the Syrian conflict for journalists and through our professional relationships with these journalists we work on the framework by which refugee crises, particularly in Syria, are discussed. RR also organises seminars and hosts academic conferences that draw in leading academics and community organisers for discussion and insight on often overlooked aspects of the Syrian conflict and other conflicts in the region.
Recent news in Advocacy section

"Ageing Equally?" Report on Elderly Syrian Refugees

On Thursday 24 September 2020, RR participated in an online session exploring the main findings of Ageing Equally programme. Funded by Ambition for Ageing, the aim of the programme was to find out what makes a good place in which to grow older for people who belong to minority communities.


RR Statement on a New Syrian Decree that’s Stopping Syrians Being Able to Return Home

Rethink Rebuild Society (RR) utterly condemns a recent decree signed by the Syrian regime on 8 July 2020 that requires returning Syrians to exchange US $100 or other Central Bank permitted hard currencies into Syrian local currency Lira. Syrian exchanged money loses over 70% of its value in line with customs and aviation authorities’ rates.


COVID-19 Pandemic: Online Seminar

On Thursday 02 April 2020 at 7pm, we hosted the first series of virtual live talks on our ‎Facebook page. The first talk was about “COVID-19 Pandemic” and it was delivered by Dr ‎Ammar Darwish, a Staff Surgeon at Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust (MFT). In his ‎talk, Dr Ammar gave an introduction on COVID-19 and its causes and consequence.


Film Screening: We are not Princesses

On Friday 06/03/2020, Dr Moaz El Sayed, our Research and Advocacy Officer participated in the post-screening discussion of the moving documentary “We Are Not Princesses”. The film follows a grouping of Syrian women living as refugees in Beirut, who come together to tell their stories of loss, love, hope and pain through the ancient Greek myth Antigone.