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bi-monthly newsletter - Issue #11, 31/10/2015


Dear all

It has been an extremely busy two months for RR. We have proudly finalised our comprehensive Syrian policy document, endorsed by seven other Syrian community organisations across the UK, and launched it in Parliament on 27 October. This document is going to serve the basis of our lobbying for Syria over the coming months.

The increased attention on the refugee crisis has brought the world's attention back to the suffering of Syrians. We have therefore made dozens of media interviews, delivered our ‘Voices from Syria’ presentation to a number of community groups, and dramatically enlarged our network within the past two months.

We will continue our work as the voice of Syrians who are, in pursuit of their freedom, fighting two evils at the same time: the Assad regime (backed by Russia and Iran) and ISIS. At this critical time, and in light of an expected UK Parliamentary vote on Syria, we hope that we will be able to count on your support as we continue to lobby Parliament. Please do continue to engage in our action alerts and make sure that the Syrian voice is heard loud and clear!


Best regards,

Dr. Haytham Alhamwi

Managing Director

Parliamentary Launch of Policy Document


We launched our policy document in Parliament on 27 October. We were joined by a number of MPs who listened intently as to the core demands of British Syrians. We also had testimony from Syrians who lived through the brutality of the Assad regime and came to the UK.

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Write your MP to support a no-bombing-zone over Syria


Given that a UK vote on Syria is anticipated to be within a month, we need everyone's support to amplify the message that SYRIA NEEDS A NO-BOMBING ZONE! Please write to your MP by clicking on the link below. Then kindly share with all your contacts on social media!

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Briefing to EU Parliament's Human Rights Subcommittee


We presented on the human rights situation in Syria to EU Parliament's Human Rights Subcommittee, focusing on the issue of indiscriminate aerial bombardments. We stressed that EU interests - in alleviating the humanitarian crisis, stemming the flow of refugees, and reducing radicalisation - were directly aligned with the issue of civilian protection.

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Submission to Parliament's International Development Committee


We made a submission to Parliament's International Development Committee in response to its inquiry on the Syrian Refugee Crisis. We outlined that the only sustainable solution for the refugee crisis is civilian protection from the Assad regime's indiscriminate aerial bombardments. We also detailed some of the issues that Syrian refugees are facing both in the UK and abroad.

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Meeting with Richard Harrington, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Syrian Refugees


We met Richard Harrington MP, the newly appointed minister for Syrian refugees, on 2 October to discuss issues pertaining to the resettlement of Syrian refugees to the UK. We presented MP Harrington with a list of core issues that Syrian refugees face upon resettlement to the UK, and stressed the need for his agency to coordinate its work with Syrian organisations.

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Labour Party Conference in Brighton


We attended the Labour Party Conference on 28-30 September in Brighton and met a total of 14 MPs. We handed them all our policy document, reminding them that the Assad regime is the underlying root of the problem in Syria and that UK action should therefore be focused on civilian population from its indiscriminate attacks.

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More news

·         Meeting with Yasmin Qureshi MP
·         Meeting with Jo Cox MP
·         Meeting with Diana Johnson MP
·         Meeting with Natalie McGarry MP
·         Meeting with Tom Brake MP
·         Meeting with representative of Ann Clwyd MP
·         Meeting with Djmaila Chikhi advisor to EU President Martin Schulz
·         Meeting with Maritje Schaake MEP
·         Meeting with Ignazio Corrao MEP
·         Meeting with Afzal Khan MEP
·         Meeting with Mexican Ambassador to the UK
·         Voices from Syria to the Constituency Labour Party in Surrey
·         Voices from Manchester for Withington Labour Party Meeting
·         Voices from Syria in University of Manchester Friends of Medecins Sans Frontieres
·         Voices from Syria in Todmorden
·         Voices from Syria in Hebden Bridge
·         Manchester University Debate on Refugees
·         Stop the War Event in Bolton
·         Stop the War Event: Don't Bomb Syria
·         Press Release: Syrian Ph.D. candidate and refugee alleges discrimination over visa processes
·         Joint Statement Urging Release of Human Rights Lawyer Khalil Ma’touq
·         Caesar Exhibition in Parliament
·         Planet Syria Event in Parliament
·         Foreign Affairs Committee Evidence Session
·         Protest in Manchester Piccadilly: All Lives Matter! No Human is Illegal!
·         Eid Al Adha Gathering and Dinner


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