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Dear all,
A number of tragic events during the past two months, including the death of our fellow Briton Alan Henning and the formation of an international coalition conducting military operations in Syria, have hurt us all.
The international community's military action in Syria has completely ignored the fact that the brutal Assad regime is the main reason behind the emergence of ISIS. We will continue to stress to local, national, and international actors that the Syrian people started their revolution to obtain dignity and freedom. We conveyed this message very loudly in our conference on 17 October, through which we hosted politicians, academics, students, and members of the public for an evening of discussion on Syria and the way forward.

Best regards,
Haytham Alhamwi

Conference on Syrian Conflict in Regional Crises

Conference on Syrian conflict in regional crisesRR held a successful conference on 17 October on the Syrian conflict and its regional and international implications. The conference hosted six speakers who have done academic or humanitarian work related to Syria. The conference was attended by more than 130 people. Read more

Alan Henning Tribute

Alan Henning TributeRR participated in a tribute event to Alan Henning on 12 October. The event was attended by politicians, reporters, and over 400 members of the public. RR gave its condolences to the family of Alan Henning and reminded the audience of the root cause of the violence in Syria.

Opening the School in Syria Funded by Manchester Community

Opening the School in Syria Funded by Manchester Community A new school in west Aleppo, funded by Manchester community, was opened and students started their new year on 15/9/2014. The funds were collected through different activities and events run by RR. More details

British Citizens Lose Their Lives in Syria: Assad Holds Primary Responsibility

StatementRR, along with other organisations, issued a statement regarding the murder of British citizens in Syria.
Read more

Syrians Raise Questions over US-led Airstrikes in Syria

StatementRR, along with other organisations, issued a statement raising questions over British involvement in the US-led airstrikes in Syria.
Read more

Court verdict on murder of Dr. Abbas Khan welcomed, expected

StatementRR, along with other organisations, issued a statement regarding the court verdict on murder of Dr. Abbas Khan at the hand of the Syrian regime. Read more

Seminar About the Kurdish Cause

Seminar about the Kurdish CauseRR hosted a monthly seminar titled “Kurdistan: the Absent Reality” at its multi-purpose facility on Friday 19 September. The seminar was delivered by Mohammad Tammo and Delsouze Sheikhi and was attended by more than 40 members of the community.

Eid Aladha Party

This year’s Eid Aladha celebration took place at Anchors Away Play on Saturday 4 October. More than 40 Syrian families gathered and had some Syrian sweets while their children enjoyed some playtime.

Peace Conference at Oldham

RR in cooperation with Syria Relief, held a workshop in the Peace Conference at Oldham Council on 19 October 2014. The workshop focused on how local citizens can help the Syrian people.

Platform for Peace of Syrian Organisations in the UK

RR took part last month in a two-session workshop run by International Alert aimed at creating a platform that incorporates all Syrian organisations operating in the UK. The platform is expected to formally launch early next year.

Conference on Khilafa

RR attended a Khilafa conference held by Hizbu Tahrir in the UK on Saturday 13 September. The conference discussed the issue of Khilafa as it relates to ISIS and its legitimacy. It also discussed some conditions that should be met for establishing such a system.

ISB Monthly Family Gathering

RR attended a social gathering held by the Islamic Society of Britain at the KD Grammar School on Saturday 13 September. The gathering featured Sufyan Ismail from MEND who discussed the issue of Islamophobia.

Conference on Syria at Chatham House

Conference on Syria at Chatham House RR attended a conference hosted by Chatham House in London on 14 October titled 'Syria's Conflict and the Impact on its Neighbours'. The keynote speaker was Mr Lakhdar Brahimi, the former UN and Arab League Special Envoy to Syria. Read more

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Helping Syrian Refugees
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In the last 2 months, RR helped more than 50 refugees in issues related to settling into their life in Britain. We assisted them with various issues including filing for family reunion, applying for travel documents, locating housing, accessing their local job centres, and more.
We need volunteers to help us provide services for our growing Syrian community in Manchester.
Please get in touch with if you are interested in volunteering a few hours of your time every week. No prior experience required.


We are pleased to announce the opening of our school in west Aleppo in Syria. This project is funded by the Syrian Community of Manchester and friends. More updates to follow in the next newsletter.
The amount raised (£40,000) is enough to run the school for a full academic year. To keep this wonderful project alive, different activities will be announced at a later date to raise a fund for the next year.
A big thank you for everyone has contributed money, time, or effort to make this dream come true.
More details

Raised so far: £40,000
Target: £40,000

in partnership with
Syria Relief charity

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