RR strives to promote Syrian issues within the British landscape through work on policy and media



RR brings Syrians together through monthly seminars, social gatherings and annual Syrian Days, and provides an advice service for new refugees.



RR, in collaboration with other UK-registered charities, has initiated a project to bring Syrian children back to school


Recent News

Press Release: Actions of UKVI leave father and husband destitute and homeless without guarantee for family’s safety

Fadi Rajjoub, a 41 year-old Syrian refugee, had no choice but to leave his family and children behind in Kurdish areas in Iraq and to flee to the UK in November 2014 when ISIS began to threaten Kurdish civilians, telling them to leave their homes or die. However, Fadi has been refused asylum by the UKVI.


Militant Labour Forum: Open UK borders to the “Calais immigrants” Migrants’ Lives Matter!

Militant Labour Forum: Open UK borders to the “Calais immigrants” Migrants’ Lives Matter!

Our member Yasser Aljassem attended the Militant Labour Forum titled 'Open UK borders to the "Calais immigrants" on 22 August. He provided his insight not only as a Syrian asylum seeker but also as someone who was previously in Calais himself. Yasser's presentation was praised by audience members as highly informative.


Protest in Manchester Against the Massacres in Douma

The Manchester Syrian community protested in Piccadilly Gardens on 19 August. The theme of the protest was 'The Assad Regime, not ISIS, is the Greatest Threat to Syrians'. We affirmed that while ISIS has killed thousands of innocent Syrian civilians and is a terrorist organisation which we condemn, the biggest threat to the civilian population in Syria is the Assad regime.

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